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7 Reasons To Tap The Expertise Of A Professional Landscape Designer

1. Landscaping Idea Generation

Designers of landscape designers have lots of ideas. This is partly due to their training. The kind of person who chooses this career has an innate quality as well. While the composition of ideas is a quality of humans, the capability to be copious with ideas and to alter one concept into an improved and new idea with the help of industry experience and past experience is an extraordinary talent of design professions.

2. Site Analysis

Apart from being part of a larger ecosystem, every piece parcel of land is unique too. The professional landscape designer possesses the skill required to understand the nature, which will dictate the diagrammatic strokes of design. They also possess the refined talent required to understand the microcosm details that define the extraordinary elements of a single focus area.

3. Conceptual Design

It is possible to scrape together conceptual design ideas to contemplate following a clear analysis of the project site. Each site has numerous solutions, but once the background research has been completed thoroughly, the professional landscape designer will be able to narrow down the possibilities to a concept that meets the requirements, wishes, and wants of the owner of the property while tackling the ecosystem characteristics the existing landscapers in Vancouver presents.

4. Construction Planning

Simply because a human being has a concept regarding a design, does not imply that the concept is actually sustainable or buildable. We can conjure up some pretty wild stuff! When you work with a thoroughbred professional, you can rest assured that what you two develop together will not only have the ability to be built but be sustained as well.

5. Budget Creation

It is very important to understand what things cost. All of us are quite familiar with the amount of any development project costs. The process of designing needs unhindered creativity and imagination at the onset, but upon definition of the aesthetic and design, it is important to bring into the project the reality of money. A professional landscape designer, through experience, has the ability to reasonably provide a ballpark budget or a project budget range or be able to guide you through the bidding/pricing process to help you determine whether to go ahead with the build the project in one go or to phase it over a couple of years.

6. Contractor Liaison

It is essential to draw the design process into the construction step. Certain designers work with in-house contractors — referred to as Design/Build. Other designers work on their own and have developed powerful relations with professional landscape contractors whom they can recommend or are confident in working with. Such relationships are extremely useful to anybody thinking about hiring installers for the construction period.

7. Project Management

One of the real advantages of working with a professional landscape designer during the process of design development is in having this professional stay with you throughout the construction period. Every project has the potential to be improved upon while it is being built. In addition, almost every project will have some “uncertainties” pop up during the construction phase. Ensuring that your designer is at close quarters or as the manager of your project manager ensures that you take advantage of the opportunity as well as lessen any unpredicted pitfalls.

In case you have a landscape project developing in your thoughts, consider getting in touch with a qualified landscape designer. He or she will help you to refine and develop your conceptions into a doable plan for a landscaper or you to construct.

Why Hire Professional Landscapers

Are you ready to take care of your lawn the way it should be? Are you thinking it’d be better to hire a professional or are you considering doing things on your own? For starters, don’t start taking out landscaping equipment; Put it all away if you already have.

That being said, there are dozens of reasons why it’s time to upgrade your lawn. You might have just purchased a new house, and you want to add your own personal taste to it. You might be getting ready to sell your home and want the landscape to look perfect. It doesn’t matter what the reason for wanting to upgrade your lawn, you want to make sure the job is done right. This means hiring a professional is a must.

Are you convinced that hiring an expert is the way to go? If not, then read on because we’re going to discuss the top benefits of using a professional landscaping company.

Saves Time

Let’s be honest; taking care of your lawn and giving it the love it deserves takes a lot of time, as well as effort. You have to constantly work on the lawn to get it the way you want it to look. Many lawn care companies sell packages that include things such as a certain number of visits that they will make per year. There are companies that also perform inspections regularly, but what you’ll receive all depends on the plan you buy. Also, there are landscaping companies that offer seasonal services in some of the packages they offer.

On that note, maintaining a lawn can be a full-time job in itself, especially if the property has a very large lawn. The truth is that many people don’t have the time to perform the right type of care for their lawns, which is exactly why you should hire a professional. Lawn care companies perform landscaping services, whereas you don’t.

Save Money

Landscapers can save you a lot of money, even if they charge a lot for their services. In fact, there has been researching done that has looked at landscaping services and property owners that sell their properties. The research revealed that the costs of hiring landscapers could be recouped when the property sells.

The NAR, short for the National Association of Realtors, states that people spend an average of $400 on hiring landscapers, while the value added to the home when the time came to close on the property was around the $1,000 mark. As you can see, a properly landscaped lawn can add a tremendous amount of value to the property.

Plus, you save money because you don’t have to invest in high-quality commercial equipment. Equipment can be very expensive. Professional landscapers already have the right equipment to get the job done.


Even if you have no plans on selling your property, a lawn that is well-maintained can benefit you in other ways. In fact, research suggests that it can improve overall happiness and enhance the quality of your life. Many homeowners said they want to remain at home since completing a landscaping project, and this is according to the study that the NAR conducted.

On that note, there was another study released in 2017 by the U.S. Houzz. The study revealed that an outdoor landscaping project could improve interaction with neighbors. Many who participated in the study reported that they had more interaction with their neighbors after their project was completed.


Landscapers have undergone rigorous training, and they are certified. In short, they have experience and have been trained to adhere to industry standards, as well as trained to provide a certain degree (high quality) of work to their customers. Besides that, those who are certified have the edge over those who are not certified because it proves that their skills have been proven and tested.

An Array Of Services

Let’s not forget to mention that lawn care companies provide much more than a service that involves pushing around a lawnmower. The best lawn care companies offer an array of services via different packages. Landscapers can help you choose the right package based on what you want to achieve. A few examples of the services the top landscapers offer include:

. Fertilization
. Service Calls
. Healthy lawn analysis
. Service summaries
. Tree care
. Shrub care
. Lawn Seeding
. Weed control

Bear in mind those are only a handful of services that the top landscaping companies offer. Before you hire a professional, take the time to learn about all of the services and packages they offer.


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